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What is the Joshua Project?

The Joshua Project is a safe haven for vulnerable children and children living on the street in Jeffreys Bay since 1998. The project functions as a drop-in centre for the children where they receive love, support, education, and training.

Our name:

The name Joshua means: ‘God saves’ and serves as a constant reminder to us that God alone can save the children at risk in our community. We can only serve as a place of refuge where these children can come to receive acceptance and support in a caring environment provided by people who are passionate about kids and believe that they also should have hope for a better future.

Our Project Focus:

Our project’s focus is to MEND vulnerable children and youth at risk, i.e.

  • M = Mentoring
  • E = Educating
  • N = Nurturing
  • D = Discipling

Our facilities:

Today the project owns a building containing offices, classrooms, a kitchen, ministry and child care rooms, ablution facilities and a skills development centre. Here the children daily receive food, education, spiritual care and the opportunity to develop their skills.


What are we doing at the Joshua Project every day?

  • We nurture vulnerable children and youth by providing them with physical and emotional care.
  • We educate and provide skills development opportunities to vulnerable children and youth.
  • We mentor and disciple vulnerable children and youth through various activities.

Through consistent relationships and education-based programs, we seek to help these children and youth to realize and develop their unique talents; to become healthy, responsible adults and a productive part of the work force and community; and most importantly, to discover their value as a child of God created for a specific purpose.


We mentor by actively coming alongside a children to impact them and impart skills that enable them to develop into healthy self-supporting adults.


A very exiting tool in our education program is AET, which is a special multi-media program complete with workbooks, until grade 9. This is the step prior to (proceed with) certain learnerships or education for a trade, profession or job.

The term AET refers to Adult Education and Training and refers to facilitated education up to the equivalent of grade 9 (standard 7) in the foundational learning areas of Communication and Mathematical Literacy at Joshua Project. It is an outcomes-based programme, and aims to provide basic learning tools, knowledge and skills, and provides participants with nationally recognized qualifications. (NQF1)

The four levels of AET training offered at Joshua Project are equivalent to Grades R to 9 in Communication and Mathematical Literacy.

The Joshua Project AET program is available to children and youth attending our Educare Program. We have been granted a community site license which enables us to assist the broader community as well.

AET programmes are overseen by the National AET Board and our service provider is Media Works.


A meal is available to all children and youth living on the street who ‘drop-in’ at Joshua Project. We also give them the opportunity to take a shower and provide a laundry service if needed. Time is then spent with them to determine their situation and they are encouraged to observe the programs provided at Joshua Project and to participate in an IDP (Individual Development Plan) talk with the Educare Leader. If necessary a referral will be done to Social Development Services.


To be instrumental in the children’s emotional and spiritual growth and well being, children receive basic instruction through biblical based programs combined with small group discussions and arts and craft activities. The objectives of these activities are spiritual growth and emotional healing. Children learn to express themselves through participating in dramas,stage plays and small group discussions. Children learn to deal with their emotions and learn to share and cope with the difficulties they encounter in their families and in their community.

Skills Development

Manpower’s Talent Shortage Survey has revealed that 35% of employers in South Africa are struggling to find qualified job candidates, particularly in the engineering, skilled trades and accounting and finance industry sectors.

Those who learn a wider range of skills become more valuable as employees and more employable as job seekers.

We have already established a skills-development center on our property where we are currently teaching woodcraft skills to the older children and would like to in the near future incorporate other skills as well on site.

The goal is through IDP (Individual Development Plan) discussions with learners to identify interests and give learners exposure to the different fields of trade such as carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, mechanics and home economics amongst others and to encourage and develop skills identified in learners ourselves on site or through partnering with other businesses or organizations.

A further purpose is to identify learners and to show them basic skills and if they are interested, they can enter the formal trade schools or learnerships offered by various setas.

An aim is to establish a mentoring relationship between the teacher and learner as they work together and learn together. Joshua Project wants to expose children and youth to and teach them basic skills such as using a hammer, changing tap washers, changing a tyre, preparing meals, sewing, etc and with that build relationships and trust, furthering the development of the child’s character and transferring skills at the same time.

Our desire is prepare learners for the ‘World of Work’ and aid in equipping them to be financially independent and part of the workforce through providing Skills Development opportunities.

Volunteer Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in Africa? Are you a self-motivated worker with a heart for kids age 6-18 and a commited Christian? Are you 18 or older and can you commit for a minimum of 3 month’s? We especially need people with the following skills: Teaching skills (literacy and computer) Sports coaching skills Fundraising skills Creative skills (music, dance, arts and crafts) Administrative skills

If you would like to volunteer, send us an email today and come make a difference in our beautiful town of Jeffreys Bay! Your motivation letter and application form (reachable through the button below) are welcome at:

Support us

Joshua Project is a registered Non-Profit Organization (registration # 98/07990/08) and to ensure that we are able to effectively serve and support the vulnerable children and youth who daily come to Joshua Project, we are reliant on God’s provision and funds received from churches, local/international businesses, other organizations and individuals who are lead to give and partner with us.

We are thankful and greatly appreciate any contribution made and are able to provide an official receipt for any donation made. Our banking details are as follows:

Account name: Joshua Project

Bank: Nedbank Jeffreys Bay

Account number: 1263 057 047

Branch code: 177205 (Universal code: 198765)

Swift code: NDE.SZAJJ

All donations are utilized for purposes of furthering the service we provide to vulnerable children and youth and finances are managed by a Financial Functionary directly accountable to the Project Leader and Board of Directors. Annual audited reports are done and available on request.

Corporate Social Investment

Why it is a great idea to partner with Joshua Project

  • Partnering with a non profit organization increases public relations and a general feeling of goodwill toward your company.
  • Partnering with non profit organizations gives your business a way to reach out to the local community. Your business can contribute to the greater good and help many vulnerable children and youth in Jeffreys Bay, just by joining forces with Joshua Project which is a community based project situated in Pellsrus.
  • Tax benefits: There are tax breaks for donating money to a charitable cause.
  • The Joshua Project is accepted as such a project in the Ninth Schedule to the Act – as we are covered by at least 6 of the elements listed in this act.
  • The Joshua Project is a registered non-profit organization, registration number: 1998/007990/08 serving the vulnerable children and youth within our community with certified public benefit number 18/11/13/329. It would be greatly appreciated if you as a local company would consider a partnership with us.

Information regarding our activities, programs and so forth are available on this website. You are also welcome to download our Information flyer.

Work 4aLiving

Work Readiness Program

Joshua Project partnered with Siya Sibenza and opened a Work 4aLiving Center in Jeffreys Bay.

An excellent work readiness program is presented by our facilitators, Jason Klaas and Jaycee Compaan du Toit.

Sponsor a child of Joshua Project

Why it is a great idea to sponsor a child of Joshua Project

  • It has always been the heart of the Joshua Project to see children and youth who have the ability and potential being supported academically;
  • We believe that investing into the lives of our children and youth has eternal value and this includes sponsoring learners to have the best possible educational opportunities;
  • Our children are our future leaders, by sowing into their lives we are aiding in raising up great leaders.
  • It costs R1090 per month to place a learner in a well respected senior/high school that is within walking distance for the learner; so much support is needed.

Obligations of the learner

  • To motivate for sponsorship, the learner must produce a letter of acceptance of admission from the school;
  • The learner must have at least a 65% aggregate;
  • The learner must provide reports on a quarterly basis (at the end of every school term) as progress reports are required to ensure consideration of continued support;
  • The sponsorship only covers school fees, all additional costs are the responsibility of the learner.

Information for possible sponsors

  • A commitment of a fixed monthly amount for at least one year to be paid directly into the Joshua Project Sponsor a Child account;
  • You will receive quarterly reports on the learners being sponsored;
  • Want to be part of this program to invest into the lives of young learners? contact us through the contact form or call us, you can direct your communication to Erna Tolkamp or Michelle Dorfling.


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